If you’ve gotten the life-changing opportunity to attend an HBCU, it’s easy to list examples about why the experience is top tier. From the community, to the culture, to the food, to the friends, to the classes and professors, it’s hard to pick any one reason to go. Yet for high school students preparing to choose a college for themselves, the choice may not be so clear-cut. Recently an episode of The Last O.G. did a great job of capturing that experience these young students have when they’re flooded with choices. It definitely made us be more grateful for choosing an HBCU!

If you haven’t seen “The Last O.G.” yet, you’re missing out s. In the show, Tray (played by legendary comedian Tracy Morgan) comes home to Brooklyn after a 15-year prison sentence to find that his neighborhood has gone through a lot of changes. And as it turns out, his former girlfriend Shay (TIffany Haddish) had twins, a boy and a girl, that he had no idea about. Always one to work hard, Tray’s baby girl Amira (Taylor Mosby) is finally at the point where she’s preparing to pick the right college for her. Surprisingly for her, college presentation day at her high school doesn’t go as planned.

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