The Emerging Talent Network:

Where students and alumni unlock opportunity

The Emerging Talent Network (ETN), a networking platform designed to connect emerging talent with industry innovators.

Whether you’re a HBCU student, recent graduate, alumni, or a corporate professional, we all embody a natural desire to connect and collaborate. The ETN offers unparalleled access to up-and-coming and established talent in entertainment, internal job opportunities, career support, mentorship, and countless resources, in one place.

Through community, lifetime connections are made. Join us as we shape the lives of emerging talent and design a sustainable network that transforms the next generation of entertainment.




EICOP is doing the work to change the inner workings of the industry behind the scenes…It is the driving force for diversity in the entertainment industry

– Jon Kee

HBCU in LA cohort 2018 + 2019



This is a platform made for us. Take the opportunity and know you belong here. Fill up the space and you’ll make all your dreams come true.

– Jada George

HBCU in LA cohort 2018



Mentorship has allowed me to think outside of the box.

– Crystal Ike

HBCU in LA cohort 2022

How the ETN Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a STUDENT, who is eligible for ETN?
At this time, only students in the HBCU in LA program are eligible.
Do I have to be a graduate of an HBCU to be a mentor?
No, we welcome entertainment industry professionals from all backgrounds who have the desire to give back to those starting out their careers in the industry.
How are students and mentors matched together?
Students are required to initiate the outreach to a mentor. Students can see the mentors’ profiles and find connections based on common hobbies to professional roles. However, mentors cannot see the student profiles until there has been student outreach.
How long will this mentorship last?
The official mentorship will last from the beginning of the program till the end of the summer. However, the mentorship is encouraged to continue on ETN for both the mentor and mentee to cultivate a stronger relationship and to keep in touch with one another.
I'm happy to be contacted by others but would prefer not to share my personal contact information. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! In addition to the ability to send messages through the system, which you’d probably expect, the platform also includes built-in video calling, privacy-honoring international phone lines, and anonymized email address masking ( like Airbnb, if you’ve ever used that). None of these communication tools require you to share your personal contact information, and your street address, phone number, and email address are never shown to others.