The first season of Paul’s Why Not Us followed historically Black North Carolina Central University’s men’s basketball team. Why Not Us: FAMU Football will “examine the distinct culture, experiences and challenges of an HBCU athletic program, exploring what makes FAMU special on and off the field.” Paul, who is currently a student at historically Black Winston-Salem State, believes the Rattlers’ famed football program will make for an exciting second season. In the midst of its first season in the Southwestern Athletic Conference, FAMU travels to Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday to play Alabama A&M in a game airing on ESPN+.

“The biggest thing that I hope the viewers get is that going to an HBCU is an experience,” Paul said. “It’s a whole experience. And I get a chance to visually experience it, because I didn’t attend one. I’m in class now, but I didn’t get to do that every day, be an everyday student at an HBCU. And I think they get an opportunity to see the grind is the same, the work ethic is the same, sometimes even harder. But understanding how successful a lot of these kids become without the same resources.”

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